ALCHEMY TRAININGS started in 2006 in India. It began as a Corporate Training company and grew to be an organization which now conducts Workshops, Mastermind groups, Mentoring programs and International Holistic Retreats.

Alchemy Trainings has its head office in London with operations spread across UK and India.


To be a prominent Holistic and Experiential Training organization tapping into the unlimited potential of individuals, increasing the Love, Power, Harmony and Awareness, allowing Total Alignment.


To provide a safe and confidential environment, where people from any nationality, race or religion are able to grow and enhance the quality of their lives using Transformational Experiential Techniques.

The Alchemists


Alchemy Trainings


Pradeep is a Transformation architect, who values people. His greatest strength is empathy and his ability to analyze any situation to its absolute core. He has transformed many lives through TET, making individuals realize their ‘higher goals’ and things of utmost priority.

Pradeep brings with him a substantial corporate experience varying from positions in Large Organizations to setting up fresh Businesses, working with middle and top management tiers. He has learnt Reiki, NLP, Past Life Regression, Self Hypnosis, Yoga and Meditates regularly.

Alchemy Trainings

Princess D

Princess D is a Transformation Designer. She acts as a catalyst in creating transformation with her heart and intuition based approach.

For over 20 years, Princess D has dedicated her life to her self growth and spiritual journey. She learned Reiki, Self Hypnosis, Past life regression, Channelling, Healing and various meditations. In the course of her journey, from a call center to investment banking to corporate training to self development training to mentoring, she has discovered tools and processes that increase peace and joy in life and allow people to be more aligned with their true self.

She is the Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Alchemy Trainings, a company dedicated to train, mentor and support people to live a balanced life filled with Love and Peace and thus rediscover their inner true selves. As an International Trainer and Speaker, she has conducted training programs in UK, US and India.