In The Now

23rd July 2010

Here I am. Waiting at a train station for a train(obviously) and I am late for a spiritual meetup. Looks like the train has more than 10 mins to arrive. I underestimated my travel time. Grrrrr…It is said if an Indian arrives 30 mins late he/she is on time. :) I know I was like that until I woke up to realise that I want to respect Time. However, sometimes (read rarely) I end up being late. So here I am waiting at the train station and a lil upset with myself and a lil upset with the train for not being at regular intervals like the tubes at the rush hour.

Anyway, I am looking around and there are a few people sitting on the benches and a few people standing and the ones who are standing like 5 feet away from me catch my attention. These are 2 European couples with their daughters. By the looks of it they look like they are on a vacation. Each couple has a daughter around 2 years old. These girls are sitting in their pushchairs. Beautiful little girls. Adorable. The moms looked beautiful and one of the guys very handsome. One of the little girl seemed to have lots of energy and she was running around and playing with the other kid in the pushchair and just having fun. Time and again the parents did look at the screen to see how long for the train to arrive. The girls were however just enjoying themselves oblivious of the fact that they had to go somewhere, reach someplace and that this was not the destination. I started thinking how it was so easy for them to be in the now and not think about the 10,521 things that are meant to be done in the future. And then I realised that for the past few minutes that I was watching these girls I was happy, I was smiling, I was in the present, I was enjoying the moment. So it wasn’t difficult, was it? I wasn’t thinking about the train or how late I was or what I should have done or what will I say when I go to the meeting or how I will overestimate travel-time in the future or any of that c**p that fills the head and keeps me from being in the now.

I smiled at myself and felt grateful that the little girls just helped me realise something. Well, this wasn’t enough. There walked a Black couple on the platform with their daughter who was almost the same age as these girls and as soon as she saw the other girls she ran towards them and hugged them. All the parents looked surprised. This new girl was now holding the hand of the other girl running around and playing with her. She ran to her mom and then came running back to hug the european girl. And she did that continuously. She held her hand and took her around running and then hugged her again. By now almost all the people on platform around us were watching this and smiling. The parents were smiling and I was again just watching and smiling and felt the Love energy that was in the air.

When the train was about to arrive the Black young woman asked her daughter to say goodbye to all. This cute girl in Pink dress and pink beads in her hair went around to both the european girls and their moms to say goodbye. She hugged each one of them and then took their right hand, kissed it and said bye. Omg..what an experience witnessing total strangers behave this way and show their love and affection and the parents letting them be and allowing things to happen. This in itself was an evolving experience and I wasn’t at my spiritual meetup yet. The train arrived and I left the station carrying the experience and an evolved me who enjoyed the time in the train and the time walking to the venue and the time in the meeting and the time on my way home.


Princess D