April 22nd, 2014

Discovering fun

It is a lovely feeling to realise that you are listening to your heart and being guided by intuition. And when things happen around you that give you a confirmation that you are on the right path there is nothing like it.

I chose courage as my intention at the begining of the year and decided to choose courage more often that I do as a choice. It has been a revealing journey so far. Then last week I went to a friends Hen party and for some reason lost all inhibitions, all fears, all insecurity and just had pure fun. I don’t remember doing that in decades. Life has been a serious game for me and it was always about being right and earning respect. I never realised how much serious I had become and how I never was a fun person to be with. No wonder….

Just letting go of all that and being myself and doing what I felt in the moment was sheer joy and ohh so addictive. So then I chose to add fun in my life. Then it so happens that I see an angel reader and the cards that I pick are about fun and courage. omg… It may seem not that big a thing but just that confirmation that I am listening to the messages and living them already makes me feel happy… very happy…

I choose to remain in this space and listen… allow the flowing to happen and live.

My Love of Travel

February 22nd, 2013


The Joys of Travelling

Blissed out in Belgium


It’s curious how when one travels everything feels exciting..  even if it’s something you see every day but don’t care to notice. The trees, the bridges, the road lights, road signs, posters, graffiti, fields, canals, passing vehicles, the snow on the road side, led lights, cranes, ads, and so many more mundane things.

It’s like everything comes to life and jumps at you. I saw a bird sitting on a branch in the poster of a knife and saw an animal from the movie avatar in the backside of a truck. It’s the wide eyed, permanently grinning and intermittently dancing, awe struck me all excited about the new adventure.. Belgium.

Suddenly I am so much here, in the moment.. It’s like the life I was living until a few hours ago has disappeared. I have entered a new world and all that matters is, this new world, all that matters is soaking in all that is here.. now.. The tall steep trees wanting to avoid snow accumulating on them, the dancing cold waters attracting you towards them but only enough to get close and not to get into, the new language, the forks in the road making you wonder where they would lead, the newness in the faces around you, in the streets you walk, food you eat, places you visit.

The heart dances to the newness, to the stillness, to the beauty, to the silliness. Suddenly the layers seem to drop and you feel like a child again who can run in the parks and roll on the grass, play around the trees, have long conversations with strangers, make people smile by just being you and watch everything with so much wonder and appreciate the beauty of it all.

I love travelling because it takes me back to my heart, makes me childlike and innocent and helps me remain in bliss all the time…

To be or not to be…. a virgin

February 6th, 2013

This question was never a difficult one for me. Of course not to be.. Why would someone choose to be if they had an opportunity to not be one. I don’t remember when it happened first but I do remember several occasions when I lost my virginity… when I did something for the first time.

My first movie in a theatre when I was 15, first pair of denims when I was 23, first dress that I stitched, first embroidery work, first job, first music lesson, first elocution competition, first debate competition, first poetry competition, first time shaving off my head at the age of 30, first rockstar performance on stage, first trip to London, New York, Paris, first mastermind meeting, first mentoring program, first workshop, first blog, first website, first 5k run, first 100 pushups, first call to my dad expressing my love, first drink, first snow angel, first radio interview,  … and so many other firsts keep reminding me how much I love to do new things, learn new stuff and experience what it brings to my life, what it adds to my life.

I feel I have an expanded experience of life because I did these things, because I chose to go on the other side instead of wondering what it would be like to do them, to experience them. Life has never been the same with every experience. And this is why I choose to keep losing my virginity over and over again. I have a big bucket list and slowly I am ticking it off. I chose action and fun, to be my theme this year for the sole purpose of reminding myself how easy it is to be captured in our fears and take a step back and watch life happen to us, how easy it is to find excuses and lose track of where we are going, how easy it is to forget that life can be so much fun and adventure if we choose it to be.

Recently I heard some actor in a movie say, “I’m not afraid of dying, my biggest fear is to die as a nobody” and it struck so hard. To me it does not mean money, or accomplishments or fame… it just means to live full out and experience all that one can and cramp as much adventure and fun as possible, to live my passion, to be able to die without regrets, without the thoughts of ‘what if’…. It means to not to be a virgin…

The Sweetest Bonuses in Life

September 28th, 2012

When I was going around with my boyfriend I always felt time together was never enough. I always wanted time to go slow so I could spend longer with him. But it was always the opposite. Time disappeared so quickly and it used to be time to part and go to our homes and work and other routines. At that point I was so madly in love that logic escaped me. I wanted to get married soon so we could live together and spend our lives together. For me, marriage meant being together 24/7/365. When I made the decision, I was so not on this planet, I must have been on some fairytale land imagining us together spending our days in the gardens and by the lakes.