Discovering fun

It is a lovely feeling to realise that you are listening to your heart and being guided by intuition. And when things happen around you that give you a confirmation that you are on the right path there is nothing like it.

I chose courage as my intention at the begining of the year and decided to choose courage more often that I do as a choice. It has been a revealing journey so far. Then last week I went to a friends Hen party and for some reason lost all inhibitions, all fears, all insecurity and just had pure fun. I don’t remember doing that in decades. Life has been a serious game for me and it was always about being right and earning respect. I never realised how much serious I had become and how I never was a fun person to be with. No wonder….

Just letting go of all that and being myself and doing what I felt in the moment was sheer joy and ohh so addictive. So then I chose to add fun in my life. Then it so happens that I see an angel reader and the cards that I pick are about fun and courage. omg… It may seem not that big a thing but just that confirmation that I am listening to the messages and living them already makes me feel happy… very happy…

I choose to remain in this space and listen… allow the flowing to happen and live.