Foreplay Vs Orgasm

I keep thinking that foreplay is more important than orgasm…

I mean how long does an orgasm last anyway? And how long does the joy of any success last? With time and with every success it keeps becoming clearer that foreplay is more important, that the journey is more important. How meaninglessly I spent my life with the hope of finding some meaning someday. Years went by and I thought it’s been a meaningful life looking for meaning. But then frustration kicked in later and I started to lose hope, started to lose faith in the future and my ability to find that thing I spent all my life looking for.

Is it a great revelation then that money was not what I was looking for, that fame was not what I was looking for. It was always love and joy that I was after. Ohh my god… duh!!! It took me sooo long to realise this.. and I’m not even blonde  :-) The weight is off my shoulders and I feel so relieved. Now all I have to do is keep doing stuff that I love and find joy in. That was easy!!!

It’s always about making the most of now, it’s always about the foreplay, it’s always about the journey. As a child I loved our train journeys. I was so happy on the train that I never wanted the train to stop. I now feel I was wiser then. I use to enjoy the journey rather than hustling my way to the destination and hardly enjoying it for a split second. I have made a decision to go back into that innocence and enjoy my journey. The destination for us all is going to be death but before I reach there I want to see all I can see, dance all I can dance, and be all I can be. I have decided to enjoy the foreplay. May you enjoy yours and may it be long….