Love Thyself

Can you stand in front of a mirror and say ‘I Love You’ in totality to what you see in there?

Can you just accept the person you see in the mirror, as is?

Can you say ‘I am perfect’?

What is perfect anyway? If you were the only person on planet and had never seen or met anyone else belonging to your species would you be able to judge yourself as good or bad, right or wrong, thin or fat? Perfection and Idealism exist only because there is a comparison.

That said I am not saying one needs to accept oneself as they are and stop there. But that is the 1st step. When that is achieved it will automatically lead to the next step. What if you look at yourself as a star and all you have to do is shine with all the light you’ve got. It has nothing to do with the other star, how much light it has, what it does with its light and how are you doing compared to the other star. Its just you on your journey. Its just me on my journey and its a unique journey, unique path that noone has ever taken and noone will ever take.

I write this also as a reminder to myself coz we all forget how bright we shine and how we are complete within. Keep Shining!!!