My Yardstick

Woww… what a year 2011.. we were on a radio show, I was gifted mentoring, coaching, and various spiritual courses, started to learn tango, launched speakers club, attended my 1st live concert vip, launched online mastermind group, co-facilitated Play to Win (3 day workshop) twice, facilitated 9 days of advance trainings for Frontier Trainings, started a 3rd mastermind group, started mentoring apart from coaching clients, moved homes, ran 4 kms at a stretch, finished 73 mastermind meetings… and the list to boost my ego goes on and on….

How about – this year I was more peaceful than the previous year, I spent 5 months with parents after not seeing them for 2 yrs, spent my birthday, anniversary, diwali, christmas, and all special occasions with my loved ones, felt cared and loved more than ever, fell deeper in love with my husband, always had people around me to support me, felt more at peace with myself than ever before, faced a lot of fears, learnt to let go of a lot of things that didn’t serve me, learnt to accept myself and love myself as I am, learnt to love others as they are, was able to forgive more, was able to bounce back fast, smiled at strangers, hugged more people, was more aware of my feelings and emotions, laughed till my stomach hurt, cared less about what others might think, judged less, loved more, made decisions from my heart, rekindled a lot of old friendships, kept in touch with people I care, and worked towards having no regrets on my deathbed…

Now that is a list that will probably remain with me forever in the form of the person who I became with it, through it. This list forms a basis, a foundation for every thing in the previous list. Those accomplishments are no less but they would be nothing without this list. This year I decided to keep track of what I do without making it a goal, without letting it affect my happiness. I have truly been enjoying the journey and keep realising that this is how its meant to be. To be here, to be present, to live… my yardstick for success, for the so called success if I have to put it in words. I might rather call it bliss… So my question to myself would always be, “Am I living a blissful life?”

Wish you a blissful 2012!!!

Princess D