My Love of Travel


The Joys of Travelling

Blissed out in Belgium


It’s curious how when one travels everything feels exciting..  even if it’s something you see every day but don’t care to notice. The trees, the bridges, the road lights, road signs, posters, graffiti, fields, canals, passing vehicles, the snow on the road side, led lights, cranes, ads, and so many more mundane things.

It’s like everything comes to life and jumps at you. I saw a bird sitting on a branch in the poster of a knife and saw an animal from the movie avatar in the backside of a truck. It’s the wide eyed, permanently grinning and intermittently dancing, awe struck me all excited about the new adventure.. Belgium.

Suddenly I am so much here, in the moment.. It’s like the life I was living until a few hours ago has disappeared. I have entered a new world and all that matters is, this new world, all that matters is soaking in all that is here.. now.. The tall steep trees wanting to avoid snow accumulating on them, the dancing cold waters attracting you towards them but only enough to get close and not to get into, the new language, the forks in the road making you wonder where they would lead, the newness in the faces around you, in the streets you walk, food you eat, places you visit.

The heart dances to the newness, to the stillness, to the beauty, to the silliness. Suddenly the layers seem to drop and you feel like a child again who can run in the parks and roll on the grass, play around the trees, have long conversations with strangers, make people smile by just being you and watch everything with so much wonder and appreciate the beauty of it all.

I love travelling because it takes me back to my heart, makes me childlike and innocent and helps me remain in bliss all the time…