At Alchemy Trainings we offer you our Foundation workshop – Dynamic Living, Advanced workshop – Quantum Awareness and Retreats which are held in different countries. Details are as follows:


Dynamic Living

  • Get rid of the heaviest baggages in life.
  • Tap into the natural laws of harmonious relationship.
  • Discover the unwavering inner strength that keeps you unaffected from any external situations
  • Understand 1000+ years old Principles for reliving in the childlike happiness
  • Find the Fundamental practises to vaporise negative emotions
  • Make the Journey from the ‘Illusion of Focus’ to ‘Being in the Flow’
  • Live the magic of age-old synergetic Breathing techniques from far east

Quantum Awareness

  • Trance Manifestation techniques for health, wealth and prosperity in the NOW !
  • Sacred techniques from the East for the invocation of higher energies
  • Ancient anti-aging exercises over 2500 years old
  • Ancient physical healing methods based on 5 elements
  • Discover the science of evolution and synchronise with the universe
  • Subtle exercises to balance the energy system in the human body
  • Discover the relationship of Quantum physics to ancient teachings of the saints

Alchemy Retreats

What does our retreat do to you?

  • Gives you a deserved break and lets life actually happen to you.
  • Relaxes, rejuvenates and recharges your life.
  • Alignes spiritually with your higher self.
  • Slows down and pauses life in the space and time of pleasant nature
  • Provides Ayurvedic massages for healing and oxygenating your body.
  • Reconnects you with nature and primitive experiences of life.
  • Allows effortless meditation in the calm and peaceful suroundings.