Alchemy Trainings offers Holistic retreats, where you can relax, rejuvenate and recharge your life. These retreats are holistic so that you are relaxed physically, calm and serene – mentally and aligned spiritually with your higher self.


The location for the retreat is specifically chosen to take you from the place of busy roads and traffic to a place of pleasant nature where you would slow down and pause for some time. There will be provisions of Ayurvedic massages for healing and oxygenating your body. The venues have the environment, where you can connect with nature and rejoice with those primitive experiences of life. The surroundings are calm, serene and peaceful, a perfect place where meditation would be effortless.

Here is the chance to allow yourself a deserved break and let life actually happen to you. You would be able to rediscover and recharge your senses and ‘beingness’. There are provisions of Fresh and unadulterated diet. The retreats are at places where you would take a walk in lush green grass and breathe fresh air, cleansing you body, mind and soul.

There would be ancient yogic methods of meditation to give you glimpses of vedic experience. These retreats would help in your spiritual awareness and uplifting.

Currently Alchemy Trainings offers the following Retreat:

1. Synchro Energy Retreat