Synchro Energy Retreat

Recharge your life

24th – 31st Oct 2014

Does your body need more rest, more care, more love?

Synchro Energy Retreat provides -

•         ayurvedic massages for healing and oxygenating your body.

•         fresh and unadulterated food to revitalize your body

•         a place to walk in lush green grass and breathe in fresh air, cleansing your body, mind and soul.

Do you want to develop intimate connection with people easily & effortlessly?

Synchro Energy Retreat provides -

•         gentle experiential tools to resolve inner conflicts and create harmonious relationships with others

•         experiential tools to make it effortless to apply the learning in your real life

Are you looking for ‘higher answers’ in life?

Synchro Energy Retreat provides

•         an environment close to nature where you will connect with your higher self

•         calm, serene, peaceful surroundings, where meditation will become effortless.

•         ancient yogic methods of meditation for your spiritual awareness and uplifting.

Your long awaited experience… now awaits you!

24th – 31st Oct 2014