WORKSHOP - DYNAMIC LIVING The way the workshop 'Dynamic Living' was conducted was very good. There was great Energy, Enthusiasm and Clarity. Amazing workshop with participative exercises. Wonderful job guys. Keep it up!!! :)
Aarti Malthankar (Investment Banker), London, UK

Princess D is a very compassionate person. She ensures that all are connected and cared for. She listens - a rare attribute.
Steph Daniels (Author), London, UK

ALCHEMY OF MINDS - THE MASTERMIND GROUP This Mastermind Group has been great. Every time I attend the meetings, I get new information/knowledge, new ideas and solutions etc. Princess D has been facilitating the meetings making sure everyone is getting the most value from then. She is a wonderful and incredible person. I am so privileged to know her. When I joined the group, I did not have the confidence to setup my own business. But with the support from Princess D and the Mastermind group, I have set up my own limited company!
Chiaki Yano (Reiki Master Teacher and Healer), Malaysia

ALCHEMY OF MINDS - THE MASTERMIND GROUP " Since I have attended the Mastermind meetings I have flourished and realised just how successful I can be in a short period of time. The fact that I have an accountability partner propels me into quick action towards my goals and dreams. Having meetings twice a month keeps me on my toes and focused in continuing to build the path to my ultimate success in all areas of my life. Thank you Alchemy trainings, Princess D, Pradeep and Vishal you have helped me in driving away my procrastinating habits away. Now, I only take deliberate passionate action creating the lifestyle I desire." The absolute truth. Loving Dipal
Ma Nithya Atmadayaki (Spiritual Teacher, Interior Designer and Photographer), London, UK

PRIVATE MENTORING Pradeep has been mentoring me for the last couple of months. In the past I had lots of negative thoughts. He taught me techniques on how to Master my Mind. I am working towards my aims. I've never felt so close to my real self as now. I am much more disciplined, conscious and I am enjoying MY OWN LIFE more than ever....and it's only the beginning. Thank You, Pradeep.
Katalin (Kinesiologist and Special Needs Teacher), London, UK

ALCHEMY OF MINDS - THE MASTERMIND GROUP MasterMind Meetings have been of great to help for me to stay focused on my goals and vision. They always gives me fresh new ideas when Iā€™m facing a challenging situation. I highly recommend them to anyone who is looking for achieving new goals faster and with greater support.
Miro Minich (Landscape Gardener), Slovakia

ALCHEMY OF MINDS - THE MASTERMIND GROUP As a CEO of Cesare Pictures & Media I was longing for months to find a regular place of support, growth, learning and coaching and at times I felt that my work was solitary as an executive official responsible for everything in my ever growing company and needed to connect with like minded group of individuals. With Mastermind Group ran by Alchemy Trainings I have found an amazing, priceless and incredibly valuable resource of advice, insight, help and support from other entrepreneurs going throught various stages of their business growth and expansion. I absolutely love the learnings and growth for each of us in the group as we share mutually our successes and challenges. I also like very much the fact that we systematically set our action steps to achieve ever growing success & abundance in our lives and businesses as a result. I am looking forward to continue to frequent Master Mind Group in 2011 bringing my business asociate along with me for even more increased impact of the group on our company success.
Zuzana Jochman (Movie Producer), London, UK

ALCHEMY OF MINDS - THE MASTERMIND GROUP I have been attending Mastermind Meeting groups run by Princess D since September 2010 and also know her from Frontier Training courses and speaking workshops. I have experienced first hand her ability to help people find ways of sorting out deeply rooted problems they are experiencing and find a positive path in many important aspects of life, such as love and relationships, or finances. She is a very open and deeply caring and supportive person, and I thoroughly recommend her sessions.
Nick Von Schlippe (Movie Director), London (UK)

ALCHEMY OF MINDS - THE MASTERMIND GROUP Working with Princess D and the Alchemy of Minds mastermind group, enabled me to work through specific challenges that I faced on a regular basis. Instead of working in isolation with my limited own solutions I was able to receive invaluable broader advice and support from a knowledgable network of individuals which allowed me to learn more and breakthrough issues with ease.
Jo Rogers (Corporate Lawyer), London, UK

ALCHEMY OF MINDS - THE MASTERMIND GROUP Princess D is one of the best coaches I have ever met. She is very patient and very kind. She listens attentively to peoples issues and thinks very carefully before responding. She las learnt from many experts in the personal development industry and is always happy to share the knowledge she has acquired. She practices what she preaches and is a living embodiment of her ideas and beliefs.
Oyebola Opaneye (Social Media Expert and Photographer), London, UK