To be or not to be…. a virgin

This question was never a difficult one for me. Of course not to be.. Why would someone choose to be if they had an opportunity to not be one. I don’t remember when it happened first but I do remember several occasions when I lost my virginity… when I did something for the first time.

My first movie in a theatre when I was 15, first pair of denims when I was 23, first dress that I stitched, first embroidery work, first job, first music lesson, first elocution competition, first debate competition, first poetry competition, first time shaving off my head at the age of 30, first rockstar performance on stage, first trip to London, New York, Paris, first mastermind meeting, first mentoring program, first workshop, first blog, first website, first 5k run, first 100 pushups, first call to my dad expressing my love, first drink, first snow angel, first radio interview,  … and so many other firsts keep reminding me how much I love to do new things, learn new stuff and experience what it brings to my life, what it adds to my life.

I feel I have an expanded experience of life because I did these things, because I chose to go on the other side instead of wondering what it would be like to do them, to experience them. Life has never been the same with every experience. And this is why I choose to keep losing my virginity over and over again. I have a big bucket list and slowly I am ticking it off. I chose action and fun, to be my theme this year for the sole purpose of reminding myself how easy it is to be captured in our fears and take a step back and watch life happen to us, how easy it is to find excuses and lose track of where we are going, how easy it is to forget that life can be so much fun and adventure if we choose it to be.

Recently I heard some actor in a movie say, “I’m not afraid of dying, my biggest fear is to die as a nobody” and it struck so hard. To me it does not mean money, or accomplishments or fame… it just means to live full out and experience all that one can and cramp as much adventure and fun as possible, to live my passion, to be able to die without regrets, without the thoughts of ‘what if’…. It means to not to be a virgin…